A Memorable Team Trip to Indianapolis

A Memorable Team Trip to Indianapolis

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A recent Synaptic, Inc. team trip to Indianapolis, Indiana allowed us to learn about new brands we’ll be representing and make some lasting memories in the process.

Our firm’s President stated, “This was a great chance to learn from the people who are most knowledgeable about the products we’ll be promoting. The trip was also a prime networking opportunity, because our brand managers got to meet all kinds of successful professionals in a new market. Our team members returned to the Synaptic, Inc. office with lots of useful insights and some new sources of trusted advice as well.”

Getting away from the office is one of the best ways for professionals to get out of their routines. We seem to be more productive after our team travel events because they give us the chance to recharge our batteries. Our creative instincts are sharper once we come back to our ambitious projects.

We also refine our adaptation skills every time we venture out to a new market as a team. The more we interact with people in fresh surroundings, the better equipped we are to create innovative on-site sales promotions. As we become stronger communicators by networking on the road, we learn new techniques to infuse into our campaigns.

Our team excursions always offer positive outcomes. Follow Synaptic, Inc. on Instagramfor regular updates on our business travel.