Our Work Culture Is Second To None.

Author: Synaptic, Inc. |

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We’ve always been serious about providing a supportive and inspiring team culture around the Synaptic, Inc. office. From day one with our company, we give our team members everything they need to excel in our competitive industry. In-depth training, clear advancement opportunities, and frequent travel events all play major roles in making our workspace an ideal place to build a rewarding career.

When it comes to learning, we make it easy for everyone who joins Team Synaptic, Inc. to build an impressive knowledge base. This begins with coaching from our most successful brand experts. Having in-office mentors is an ideal way for our newest hires to quickly gain confidence. Ongoing training options are always present in our workspace, so the learning never really stops.

Getting together away from our office is another key driver of our success. Our team nights always deliver great memories, and bring our people closer on a human level. Whether it’s our regular dinner outings, bowling nights, or cross-training at other top offices, we always seem to come back to work more inspired to create innovative on-site sales promotions. The same is true for our many travel events, which often put our team members in touch with top-tier industry leaders.

Our team culture puts people in prime position to thrive. Follow Synaptic, Inc. on LinkedIn to learn more about why our team members love where they work.

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